Q to T – David MacGregor songs

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Remember God’s love  kids! score   lyrics
Renewing the passion score  lyrics   snippet:
Rest Your Weary score  lyrics  mp3 vocal
Run with all my life leadsheet  lyrics
Search me (Psalm 139)

score  lyrics  mp3 vocal

 Searchin’     kids! score  lyrics  mp3
Send us further on (Here we are) score   lyrics
Shine out for Jesus kids! score   lyrics   snippet:
Sing a new song score   lyrics
Sing Hosanna score   lyrics  backing mp3
Sing with joy to God leadsheet   lyrics
Sing with the angels score  lyrics   mp3
Song of the Supper (lyrics: John L. Bell)  leadsheet    mp3 demo


So much to celebrate! score   lyrics  snippetmp3:


Uniting Church in Australia: Queensland Synod – theme song 2001

Sorry   kids! score  lyrics
Spirit score  lyrics
Stormbreaker score  lyrics 
Spirit come score  lyrics  mp3
Teach them score  lyrics
That Spirit touch  kids! score   lyrics
That the world might know you score  lyrics  snippet:


song for the 25th Anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia

That we’d be one score   lyrics
The cross score   lyrics
The friends song     kids! score   lyrics
The Grace score  lyrics
The glory of God score  lyrics  mp3
The greatest    kids! score   lyrics
The kingdom feast score   lyrics
The Lord bless you & keep you (Aaronic Blessing) score  lyrics
The message of the cross score  lyrics
The temptation song score  lyrics     backing track:
Then you found me leadsheet  lyrics
Time to take time score  lyrics   mp3
Together to celebrate score  lyrics
Touch the Earth score lyrics   melody backing mp3
Trinity of love score  lyrics
Travellin’ the road leadsheet   lyrics

melody backing mp3