songs for free streaming

During these extended COVID-19 times I’m making a range of YouTube video-versions of my worship songs available free-of-charge for recording/streaming of services of worship and Christian Education purposes.

I request please, that you record my authorship of any song/s used with CCLI or OneLicense.   No obligation for this, but should you access any of my songs for such purposes you email me at

In most cases, the singer offering demo vocals is my wife Dale, my life, love and song support for over 40 years.  I’m ever-grateful for the way she continues to offer her faith and gifting with my music!

Each song offers full lyric text.  In rare cases, just a backing video is provided. Titles available are listed alphabetically below.  The title itself in many cases acts as descriptor for the song.  I’ve provided quite a few annotations, however.  Go well with these.   To God be the praise and glory.

David MacGregor (Rev)
Brisbane, Australia 6 June 2020