Send us further on (Here we are)


1. Here we are

Here we live;

people who know in Christ,

the love God gives.

Our minds, our souls

reach out in praise:

Holy, holy, holy is our Lord always.


Here we are - people of your mercy

Here we are - our hearts, our voice - you call

Mould us, Lord,

Gift us by your Spirit

Send us further on

with love for all.


2. Here we serve: to be your voice

Spirit, come touch our lips,

with love our choice -

across this land where people long

for wholeness, for hope.

As one, Lord, send us on ...  


3. And when we fear like saints long gone

We’ve neither the ways,

the words to risk beyond;

You promise life, You promise power,

fruits of your Spirit-presence

here and now.        



© David MacGregor 1999

inspired by Isaiah 6:1-8