children’s songs


Hi. Here’s a stack of Christian children’s ministry songs written over 45 years, connecting with the various seasons of the church year and covering a wide range of Biblical and discipleship themes.

Frequently, a free-to-stream/project worship lyric video link is offered.

In most cases, my songs are copyright-covered through CCLI or OneLicense. If using a song, please record usage/copies accordingly. If either you do not have a license OR the song is not listed, with my permission feel free to use all-the-same!

(A) = actions/movements useful with this song

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Arms open wide score  lyrics    mp3 vocal [Bflat]  God's love Vimeo
Be strong and courageous (A) leadsheet  lyrics  mp3 backing [D]  trusting
Bread of life score  lyrics. mp3 Communion Vimeo
Christmas round this great big world (A) score. lyrics. mp3 Christmas Vimeo
Come along to the party score   lyrics inclusion
Come as you are  score   lyrics welcome
Come out – Lazarus mp3 backing    leadsheet lyrics healing Vimeo
Do-do to others (A) score  lyrics    mp3 vocal love   golden-rule Vimeo
Do it right (A) score  lyrics   mp3 backing 10 Commandments
Every way excellent (A)  score   lyrics. mp3 snippet Philippians 4 YouTube
Find your place around God's table  score lyrics Communion
Fruitful be score  lyrics mp3 fruits of Spirit Vimeo
Footsteps music lyrics mp3 discipleship
Get ready – Get ready score   lyrics Advent
God gave Jesus for us all (Easter version) score  Christmas lyrics Easter lyrics mp3 Christmas Easter Vimeo (Christmas)
God's given me everything  score  lyrics giving  stewardship Vimeo
Got to be trusting  score  lyrics trust     faith
Growing up with Jesus  score  lyrics discipleship
Happiness is love score   lyrics Beatitudes
He's alive (yes He is) (A)  score lyrics  mp3 Easter Vimeo
I belong to you (A) lead sheet  lyrics    mp3 belonging  body of Christ
I can talk with Jesus leadsheet  lyrics mp3 prayer
It's Christmas score lyrics  mp3 Christmas Vimeo
I've got a voice (A) leadsheet  lyrics. mp3 belonging    gifts
Jesus Christ the Lord is risen score   lyrics  mp3 vocal [G] Easter Vimeo
Jesus – healing man score lyrics  mp3 healing   ministry
Jesus is alive! score   lyrics Easter
Jump for joy! (A) leadsheet lyrics (Easter) mp3 Easter
Keep on moving on leadsheet  lyrics Moses  discipleship
Love joy peace and patience score. lyrics  mp3 fruits of Spirit
Matthew – come and follow leadsheet. lyrics.   mp3 vocal discipleship Vimeo
Mothers Day – what a day! score  lyrics  mp3 Mothers Day
Peter – come and follow leadsheet  lyrics mp3 backing discipleship
Promises score lyrics mp3 trusting
Remember God's love score   lyrics  mp3 love   grace
Searchin' score  lyrics  mp3 discipleship    prayer
Shine out for Jesus (A) score   lyrics  mp3 discipleship    light Vimeo
Sorry score  lyrics  mp3 confession  forgiveness
Spirit (A) score  lyrics Holy Spirit   Pentecost
That Spirit touch (A) score   lyrics Holy Spirit   Pentecost
The Friends Song (A) score   lyrics. mp3 friendship  community
The Greatest score   lyrics  mp3 servanthood.   discipleship YouTube
Wave those branches high (A) score  lyrics  mp3 Palm Sunday Vimeo
Welcome home wanderer score   lyrics Prodigal_Son
When the Spirit is moving score lyrics   mp3 Pentecost   Spirit Vimeo
Where's Woollie? score  lyrics  mp3 love  Good-shepherd
Wonderful! score  lyrics   mp3 creation    grace YouTube
You-Me-Everyone score  lyrics    mp3 vocal The Cross Vimeo