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score  lyrics. mp3 vocal

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note: These songs may be used freely for non-profit Christian ministry purposes. Please acknowledge my authorship and copyright date. If you hold a CCLI or OneLicense licence, please make use of this for record-keeping purposes. Thanks,

A charge to keep score  lyrics mp3
A child, a woman and a man
lyrics: Brian Wren
lead sheet (Brian Wren lyrics)   mp3 backing score (Brian Wren lyrics)demo(1st two verses only)
A heart for you score  lyrics
Am I Free … ? leadsheet  lyrics   mp3 backing
Amazing! score  lyrics  mp3 backing
Arms Open Wide lyrics  mp3 demo backing   mp3 vocal [Bflat]
As the old year passes lyrAsics tune: TIS 665/Noel Nouvelet
Be our light (written with Craig Mitchell) score  lyrics vocal snippet
Be strong and courageous!  kids! leadsheet  lyrics  mp3 backing [D]
 Because the Lord’s my shepherd
score  lyrics  mp3
Benediction/May the God of peace score   lyrics
Blessed score  lyrics
Bless the Lord, my soul score   lyrics
Bless your name forever score lyrics  mp3 backing
Bread of life  kids! score  lyrics
Bring your peace, Lord score  lyrics  mp3
Can anything good? score lyrics
Celebrate Emmanuel score lyrics
Chains around my heart score   lyrics
Christ shows his face score lyrics
Christmas ’round this great big world score. lyrics. mp3
Christmas time – we celebrate! kids! score lyrics
Come along to the party  kids! score   lyrics
Come as you are score   lyrics
Come Out, Lazarus kids! mp3 backing    leadsheet. lyrics
Come together score lead sheet lyrics  mp3 backing
Communion score  lyrics   mp3 backing
Create in me a clean heart score  lyrics
‘Cross this land tonight score   lyrics
Dare to discover score lyrics
Deeper into you score  lyrics
Do it right  kids! score  lyrics   mp3 backing
Do justice score   lyrics
Everything score lyrics  mp3
Every way excellent!   kids! score   lyrics
Fashion me score   lyrics
Father, we adore you + music lyrics
Find your place around God’s table kid-friendly! score lyrics
Flow score lyrics  mp3 vocal [C]

Footsteps kids! music lyrics mp3
Get ready, get ready kid-friendly! score   lyrics
God gave Jesus for us all (Easter version)  kids! score  Christmas lyrics Easter lyrics
God’s given me everything score  lyrics
God’s Word, God’s World score  lyrics
Got to be trusting   kids! score  lyrics
Growing up with Jesus score  lyrics
Hand it over lead sheet   lyrics   mp3
Happiness is love kids! score   lyrics
Healer of hearts score  lyrics  mp3 vocal
Heart and soul score   lyrics

a reflective song, based on theme for UCA: Qld Synod 25th anniversary

Here hangs a man discarded[lyrics: Brian Wren] score  backing mp3
Hearts on fire score  lyrics  mp3
He’s Alive! (yes, he is) kids! score lyrics  mp3
Holy Communion setting piano score leadsheets
mp3 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

mp3 Lamb of God

Holy Spirit come down score lyrics mp3
How beautiful score   lyrics  mp3
I’ll hold you forever (in my love) leadsheet. lyrics. mp3 vocal
I belong to you  kids! lead sheet  lyrics
I can talk with Jesus  kids! leadsheet  lyrics mp3
I offer up my life to you score   lyrics
I will follow score   lyrics
In my love score lyrics
In the name of Christ we go leadsheet  lyrics
In ways so abundant score lyrics
If we believe leadsheet   lyrics
In the love of God we stand score  lyrics
In worship score    lyrics  mp3 backing track

in your presence score lyrics
Irish Blessing score   backing track:
It’s Christmas  kid-friendly score lyrics  mp3
I’ve got a voice  kids! leadsheet  lyrics
Jesus – healing man kid-friendly score lyrics

note: mp3 is of an earlier version of song

Jesus is alive!  kids! score   lyrics
Jesus is Lord! (Philippians 2) score   lyrics  vocal mp3
Jesus, Jesus is risen score   lyrics
Journey deeper score lyrics
Jump for joy! kids! leadsheet lyrics (Easter)
Keep calling me score lyrics  mp3
Lead Me, Lord score lyrics  mp3 backing
Let your light shine score  lyrics
Listen to the voices   LENT SONG leadsheet (in G)   lyrics  backing track (in G)

score  mp3 VOCAL in G

Lord have mercy score
Love, joy, peace & patience  kids! score lyrics
Love you   child-friendly score lyrics  mp3 backing (w. melody)
Make it joyful! score lyrics mp3 vocal
Manger  (a Christmas instrumental) score   mp3
Matthew, Come and Follow kids! leadsheet. lyrics.   mp3 vocal
Miracle God score  lyrics   snippet
More than anything score lyrics snippet:
Mother’s Day – what a day! score  lyrics  mp3
Never let go score   lyrics   mp3
No other hands score   lyrics  mp3 vocal [G]

backing track

Not ashamed score   lyrics
Nothing deeper score  lyrics
O little town of Bethlehem

(new folky setting of the Philip Brooks Christmas hymn)

score. mp3 backing
On Purpose score  lyrics  mp3
On the way score  lyrics
On the road (hearts are burning)   score lyrics  mp3 vocal
On earth in our day score  lyrics  mp3
Peace on Earth (& mercy mild) score   lyrics   mp3 vocal


Peter, Come and Follow leadsheet  lyrics mp3 backing

Presence (instrumental)
Promises    kids! score  lyrics
Put on love in perfect measure
lyrics  mp3 (tune: Hyfrodol)

Remember God’s love  kids! score   lyrics
Renewing the passion score  lyrics   snippet:
Run with all my life leadsheet  lyrics
 Searchin’     kids! score  lyrics  mp3
Send us further on (Here we are) score   lyrics
Shine out for Jesus kids! score   lyrics   snippet:
Sing a new song score   lyrics
Sing Hosanna score   lyrics  backing mp3
Sing with joy to God leadsheet   lyrics
Sing with the angels score  lyrics   mp3
Song of the Supper (lyrics: John L. Bell)  leadsheet    mp3 demo

So much to celebrate! score   lyrics  snippetmp3:

Uniting Church in Australia: Queensland Synod – theme song 2001

Sorry   kids! score  lyrics
Spirit score  lyrics
Stormbreaker score  lyrics 
Spirit come score  lyrics  mp3
Teach them score  lyrics
That Spirit touch  kids! score   lyrics
That the world might know you score  lyrics  snippet:

song for the 25th Anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia

That we’d be one score   lyrics
The cross score   lyrics
The friends song     kids! score   lyrics
The Grace score  lyrics
The glory of God score  lyrics  mp3
The greatest    kids! score   lyrics
The kingdom feast score   lyrics
The Lord bless you & keep you (Aaronic Blessing) score  lyrics
The message of the cross score  lyrics
The temptation song score  lyrics     backing track:
Then you found me leadsheet  lyrics
Time to take time score  lyrics   mp3
Together to celebrate score  lyrics
Trinity of love score  lyrics
Travellin’ the road leadsheet   lyrics
Wave those branches high  kids/all ages! score  lyrics  mp3
We abide in you score  lyrics
We celebrate score  lyrics     mp3 vocal demo
We’ve lit a candle score. lyrics. mp3 vocal
Welcome home, wanderer  kids! score   lyrics
When at this table score lyrics  mp3 backing – melody
When I survey (What love for us) When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (What love for us)score  lyrics  mp3 vocal
When the Spirit is moving   kids/all ages! score lyrics   mp3
When you take score   lyrics
Where’s Woollie?  kids! score  lyrics
Why, Lord; O Why? score  lyrics mp3 vocal
With all authority score   lyrics
With all your heart score   lyrics
Without love score   lyrics  mp3 backing
Wonderful score  lyrics   mp3
You are Alpha, Omega score  lyrics
You are mine score  lyrics
You love us well score   lyrics
Your grace & your hope (are our song) score  lyrics mp3 demo vocal
Your love will follow score  lyrics. mp3 vocal

Yesterday, today, forever score  lyrics

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  1. Greetings,
    Wonderful to happen upon your songs again!
    Christ Church Anglican in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has sung
    your songs in the past, and Keep Calling Me will be a keeper I am certain.

    Best thanks and best wishes

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